Clevercone is a problem solver

CleverCone solving a problem all of us have! The technique is also sustainable, affordable and give new increased design possibilities.

We can add a sustainable cork plug

A sustainable cork plug instead of all other solutions that’s not working, falling off and can destroy the floor.

The Clever Cone is a patented solution for laminating veneer cones. By developing a
special technique of laminating, the Clever Cone facilitates an endless range of possibilities.
Providing solutions to subjects such as material usage, environmental sustainability and
production efficiency.

Clever Cone provides a new perspective of product development. It allows designers and manufacturers to develop products and components that previously were either too complex or expensive to produce. Weather it’s furniture, accessories, lighting or architecture. If it’s about replacing existing parts or developing completely new products, the Clever Cone can be applied wherever needed.

Endless possibilities of cross-sections.

The process of laminating enables an endless specter of cross-sections – geometric, organic, symmetric and asymmetric shapes. Depending on needs and desired looks, the cones can be pressed on demand to achieve the purpose of your project.


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